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Featured on Voyage Michigan December 2, 2021
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Rated #4 Best wedding videographers in Detroit on February 5th 2020 
Tyler Mulville’s careful use of light and dark in this video is what caught our eye. He makes videos of contrasts, be it in the light or the serene mixture of reception versus the quiet moments before a wedding. One of our favorite shots is of the bride standing by a bay window. Both central to the frame, he films her in silhouette as the light encases her dress. 
If you regularly watch wedding films by many videographers, you’ll see plenty of shots of brides by windows — but compare those to Mulville’s, and watch the quality of execution for these classic shots. This play of light and dark isn’t missing from the brighter outdoor scenes either. Leaves are in shadow against the sun; the groom’s profile is seen shadowed against his bride’s face; and the splashes of color are fantastically warm.
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Featured on the front page of October 1st 2019 
Alexis wore an Allure Bridals sheath gown with an empire waist and train in her elegant, formal wedding to Andrew at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Watch Alexis and Andrew's full wedding video by Tyler James Motion Pictures
Featured on the front page of April 8th 2020 
Katelynn and Spencer had an elegant, classic wedding at Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and we love when Spencer hops on stage with the band! Watch Katelynn and Spencer's full wedding video by Tyler James Motion Pictures and learn more about the couple and the vendors who created this wedding